This is a Beat Bugs-themed section opened in August 2017.


Kumi's Rockin' Rhythm Rider-A family steel roller coaster with a purple track and an opening drop of 30 feet. Min. 42" with an adult and 48" by yourself.

Jay's Super Skateboards-A whip ride. Min. 40" to ride with a grown up and Min. 50" to ride by yourself.

Walter's Melody Machine-A scrambler. Min. 48".

Crick O Wheel-An Enterprise similar to Orbiter at Wonderland Vaughan. Min. 48".

Buzz's Flitter Spinner-A wave swinger ride similar to Swing of the Century at Wonderland Vaughan. Min. 40".

Jasper's Mystery Tour-Similar to The Exterminator at Kennywood, with robots, music, braking, hairpin turns, drops, and spins. Min. 42" with a grown up and 52" by yourself.

Lucy's Dream Ride-A nighttime-themed family Magic Bike ride by Zamperla. Min. 40".

The Big House-A walkthrough funhouse with Beat Bugs on the TV,


The Village Theatre's Beat Buggin' Magic Show-Set to the sounds of the Beat Bugs, the Billage Magicians entertain with bubbles, cards, tunes, treats, tricks, illusions and more! The audience is invited to join in with magic words.

Eateries Edit

The Village Cafe-This indoor eatery serves milkshakes, granola, chicken nuggets, burgers, cookies, and drinks for "real meals."

Squish D'lish-A snack stand with popcorn, chips, salsa, nachos and everything else under the snacking sun!

Games Edit

Penny Lane:

Crick O Strike-a high strike.

Crick O Whack-whack a mole

Magical Mystery Guess-fool the guesser and win.

Buggy Balloons-a balloon darts game.

The Octopus Garden-a water shooter game.

An arcade with prizes and token operated junior rides by JRA.